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Easter Challenges


​​​​​​​The Bethany Art department are running a number of challenges for pupils to have a go at during the Easter holidays:

Challenge 1: Recreate a famous artwork in a photograph.

Challenge 2: Share your skills – for pupils and parents!
Do you have a creative skill or talent? Make a 3-minute video showing us what you can do.

Challenge 3: T-shirt Artwork
Customise a t-shirt, based on a famous artwork or iconic movie.

Challenge 4: Bug Bake Off
To complement the Year 7 bug work, we would like you to do a creative bug bake (think Colin the caterpillar!)

More information and examples available here.

All task submissions should be emailed to Mrs Smart.

Design Technology

Design a product to improve the quality of people’s lives during the Coronavirus lockdown period.

Your challenge

Design a product that will help people in one of the following contexts: home office, family living, (playful) family activities, boredom, home exercising or social distancing.

What’s required?

Create three pages of drawings:

How to enter

Please email photos of your drawings to by 20th April 2020. All age inventors welcome. Each prize given to a different UK school year bracket 2-5, 6-9, 10-13. Your email subject line should be: ‘My Coronavirus Design Solution – first name surname’.

Your prize

The best idea will be manufactured by the Design staff at University College School for you to keep. The top three inventions will receive Amazon vouchers worth £50 each.

Modern Foreign Languages

Try and complete one of the British Council’s Great Language Challenges:


The Media department have set two challenges…

Key Stage 3 – Create a video diary of ‘Easter in Lockdown’.
Create a video diary of the things you are finding to pass the time, you can edit this in the photos app in Windows, then upload to OneDrive and share with Mrs Pack. Merit prizes will be awarded to the top three in each Year (7, 8 and 9).

Key Stage 4 and 5 – Create a movie trailer for ‘Lockdown’, a UK film about the current crisis.
Your trailer can be a mockumentary, comedy, thriller, the choice is yours. I’ll be looking for creativity and editing skills. If you are a Media Studies pupil please use Adobe PremierePro, if you are not you can use any editing software you may have or the photos app in Windows. Merit prizes will be awarded for the top three in each Year (10, 11, 12 and 13).

All entries should be sent to Mrs Pack.


Daily Challenge: Geoguessr – be a Geography detective! 
Look for daily clues to work out where in the world you are.

Weekly Challenge: Mr Axon’s Awesome Quiz 
This will be set every Monday on the VLE.

Fortnight Challenge: Make a flag
Country flags are designed to represent the history or ideals of a country. Your challenge is to design a flag that represents you. You can model it on your heritage, favourite activities, sports, animals, or family.

You could use an old pillowcase, or large piece of paper. Once you have created your flag, why not display in a window or attach to a stick and fly it in your garden!

Take a photo of your flag and email to Ms Shaw. Merits (and glory) will be awarded for the best entries.


The Bethany Maths department have provided some challenging Maths puzzles for pupils to complete over Easter.

Documenting a moment in time

We are currently experiencing living history. We are all part of this, and it will be talked about for generations to come. Schools are closed; sports events and concerts are cancelled; we have to observe social distancing if we go outside… and this is not just here in the UK; it is a global issue.

So why not keep a journal over the next few weeks. It could be handwritten; typed; photographs; drawings; a video diary.

Keep a record of events from day to day: capture what you do; what you think about; what you worry about. Interview friends and relatives – via video chat if necessary.

You can do this just for yourself – something to share with your children and grandchildren in the years to come. But if you would like to share more widely, we would love to see the work that you produce.

Please send links to projects to:​​​​​​​ or share with your tutor.