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Pupil Health & Wellbeing

Each House is run by a Housemaster or Housemistress, many of whom live in with their family which makes the House an extension of their home.



They are helped by their Assistant Housemaster or Mistress, a Matron, who organises domestic welfare, including laundry for the boarders, and the House Tutors who oversee the academic progress and social welfare of their tutees.

“Before arriving, I felt a bit worried, but then I met Mr Vickerman, my boarding housemaster and the housekeeper Karen, who were really nice, made me feel comfortable, and helped me settle into life here.”
International boarding pupil


24 hour care


Our Medical Centre provides twenty-four hour qualified medical cover with a resident Nursing Sister. Our school Doctor holds a regular surgery at the School. Where necessary, House Matrons accompany boarders on routine appointments, such as to the Dentist or Optician. A member of House or teaching staff will accompany a pupil to A&E if they require urgent medical attention.



Open communication


We encourage close communication between staff, parents and pupils to help with any issues that may arise.


We understand that this is not possible for everyone, particularly overseas pupils who may be unable to see their parents for long periods at a time. Bethany has a high-speed internet connection throughout, and we encourage pupils to make use of this for contacting their parents whenever they need to.

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