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Enrichment Spotlight: Tag Archery

Forget boring afternoons! At Bethany, one of the Friday afternoon enrichment activities is all about unleashing your inner archer in the epic showdown of Tag Archery!

First, pupils suit up in the relevant safety gear, strapping on arm guards and helmets like medieval warriors gearing up for battle. Then, it’s time to master the art of the bow – from stringing it to perfecting their stance and aim.

Divided into two rival teams, the battlefield is set! With bouts lasting a mere 5 minutes, it’s a whirlwind of action as arrows fly, targets are hit, and epic dodges ensue. Points are scored for hitting targets, tagging opponents, and even catching arrows mid-air!

Behind inflatable barricades, there is the sanctuary of safety and having a few moments to reload, think tactics, aim and fire!

  Pupils prepare for battle.
  Pupils prepare for battle.
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