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Sixth Form Life

The Sixth Form is a gateway to life beyond school, and the choices you make are some of the most important you will face.



Sixth Form Centre


At the heart of Sixth Form life is our dedicated Sixth Form Centre; a focal point offering first-rate facilities for both boarders and day pupils.


The Sixth Form Centre is the hub for both studying and socialising. The large, light open plan common room provides plenty of space for groups to catch-up and unwind with a cup of coffee, while pool and table football allow for friendly competition.


You are given the freedom to choose where you spend your study periods and while studying may be undertaken independently, you are not alone; a close relationship with your tutor will help you to prepare for the exciting future that lies ahead of you. They will encourage you to take on more responsibility and to become a respected senior member of the School, working with adults to support its day-to-day running.

The Sixth Form at Bethany allows you to establish your own identity with a greater choice of what to wear, and you will become responsible for your own time when not in lessons.
Away from the classroom

Trips and adventures are an important part of life in the Sixth Form at Bethany, giving you the chance to put the skills you have developed into practice. Some are academic, some artistic, some sporting but all are rewarding.


Bethany Sixth Formers are offered a life changing opportunity to undertake an expedition overseas. The journey is transformational, as pupils dedicate time and care to a charitable project that often revitalises whole communities, while exploring their resolve and honing vital skills in the expedition that follows. The most recent expeditions have included South Africa, New York, Barcelona and Taiwan.

Giving back

Pupils time in Sixth Form is enriched by a great emphasis on ‘giving back’, exemplified by the charitable activities the group undertake year after year.


Whether it is simple fundraising through bake sales or life-changing expeditions in the Himalayas, Bethany offers every pupil the chance to gain a perspective on what it means to be part of a community well beyond our campus.

“I love the atmosphere around the School. Everyone is so friendly and welcoming and the staff are always very supportive, guiding you through any troubles you have.”

Sixth Form pupil

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