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Celebrating World Book Day

World Book Day was celebrated globally on Thursday 7th March. Bethany School embraced the annual event by hosting various literary events across the school day, including guessing the identities of Bethany staff, who were dressed as famous literary characters, and solving their riddles.

World Book Day is a global celebration of books and reading, and it’s a day where the world comes together to appreciate the power and joy of literature. It’s a day to celebrate the authors who create the stories that so many people love, the characters who inspire, and the books that transport readers to new worlds.

But World Book Day is about more than just reading. It’s about the importance of literacy and education, and the role that books play in shaping understanding of the world. It’s about the power of stories to connect, to teach, and to inspire to be better.

The day began with the arrival of staff dressed as their favourite literary characters. This year, we were also proud to invite our Year 13 Prefect Team to also take part in dressing up in book themed costumes for the day.

Pupils were then divided by their Tutor Groups and were tasked with locating and guessing who staff were and solving their respective riddle. Pupils were only able to obtain the riddle itself by speaking the password… ‘Read your way on World Book Day.’

Mr Reilly – I am a tree that weeps, with branches that sway, I am a guardian of water, where I lay. I am a symbol of sorrow, with leaves that play, I am a tree of the river, what am I, do you say?

Mrs Rendell – I’m filled with stories, both old and new, I’m read by many, but not by few. I’m folded and printed, then sent out to you, I’m a daily source of news, what am I?

Mr Allsopp – I’m a tool that’s small, but mighty in sight, I make things bigger, but not with might. I’m used to read books, or to see bugs close, I’m a lens of glass, what am I, do you suppose?

Mrs Clough – I’m slender and sharp, but not for a fight, I’m used to mend clothes, or to sew things tight. I’m made of metal, with an eye that’s small, I’m a tool for the tailor, what am I, standing tall?

Mr Bell – I am made of metal or wood, strong and stout, I protect the bearer, in battle and rout. I’m adorned with symbols, both fierce and proud, I’m a guardian of warriors, what am I, standing proud?

Mrs Hill – I’m slender and sleek, with ink that flows, I’m used to write, to draw, to compose. I’m held in the hand, with a point that’s fine, I’m a tool for expression, what am I to thine?

Mr Evans – I am round and I spin, but not like a top, I have countries and oceans, but no place to stop. I’m a model of Earth, with mountains and seas, I’m a tool for learning, what am I, if you please?

Mrs Sanjaya – I dance in the breeze, but never take flight, I’m kissed by the sun, but fade in the night. I’m painted in hues, of green and gold sheen, Yet fragile and delicate, easily unseen.

Mr Beckham – I am a symbol of power, held high and proud, I am adorned with jewels, shining bright and loud. I am a staff of authority, a sign of command, I am a regal accessory, what am I, so grand?

Mrs Sturrock – I start as a crawler, but I don’t stay that way, I’m a creature of transformation, a beauty in display. I’m a symbol of change, of growth, and of flight, I’m a fluttering wonder, what am I, in the light?

The Wellness Centre – I’m a pain, a throb that’s felt, I’m a tension that tightens, a discomfort dealt. I’m a signal of stress, a reminder to rest, I’m a nuisance to bear, what am I, at best?

Mr Sturrock – I’m a symbol of wealth, a treasure so rare, I’m a metal that’s precious, beyond compare. I’m a colour that gleams, a shine that’s bold, I’m a substance of value, what am I, behold?

The answers can be found at the bottom of this article.

In the English department, pupils were tasked with delving into the lives of illustrious figures from various walks of life. This explorative process was not merely about learning dates or facts; rather, it was a quest to understand the essence of overcoming adversity, a theme for this year’s World Book Day.

As the research phase concluded, pupils moved into the creative segment of the project, using their newfound knowledge and insights as a springboard for their own creativity. The task was open-ended, offering pupils the freedom to choose how they wished to express their understanding for their chosen figure. Some opted for creative writing, crafting narratives and presentations that recounted their subject’s journey. Some pupils even wrote their own unique and original short stories around the topic of overcoming adversity itself.

A selection of pupil’s work can be found by clicking the button below

Over in the Library, a unique and engaging event captured the imagination and creative spirit of pupils – a World Book Day ‘Dress the Door’ competition.

This innovative contest invited pupils to merge their artistic talents with their love for literature. Each participant was tasked with transforming the facade of a door into a captivating canvas that reflected their favourite book by designing its cover, whether it be an original idea or a twist on an already published book.

The ‘Dress the Door’ competition not only showcased the literary and creative skills of Bethany pupils but also served as a vibrant testament to the power of imagination and the deep connection between art and literature.

In addition to the competition, there was the annual distribution of World Book Day vouchers that will help pupils to purchase their next book!

Some of the ‘Dress the Door’ designs created by pupils can be found below.

There were even World Book Day themed treats in the dining hall at lunch time. Our wonderful catering provider, Holroyd Howe, spent a lot of time and effort getting involved with the day, creating beautifully themed desserts and fruit. There were Gruffalo themed cookies, cupcakes and fruit pots as well as a selection of Beatrix Potter themed fruits and snacks. There was even a MASSIVE chocolate cake, inspired by the one that Bruce Bogtrotter successfully ate in Matilda, that was shared with all those wanting a piece.

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2024 was another hugely successful World Book Day celebrated at Bethany School, as we hope to inspire the love of literacy with our pupils. We tell all our pupils that reading matters, and World Book Day is one of our opportunities to show them. We look forward to celebrating World Book Day again next year!

Character and Riddle Answers:

  • Mr Reilly: Tom Bombadil | Riddle: Willow Tree
  • Mrs Rendell: Greg Heffley | Riddle: Newspaper
  • Mr Allsopp: Sherlock Holmes | Riddle: Magnifying Glass
  • Mrs Clough: Snail (from Snail and the Whale) | Riddle: Needle
  • Mr Bell: Macbeth | Riddle: Shield
  • Mrs Hill: Coraline | Riddle: Pen
  • Mr Evans: Cat in the Hat | Riddle: Globe
  • Mrs Sanjaya: Stickman | Riddle: Leaf
  • Mr Beckham: King of Hearts | Riddle: Sceptre
  • Mrs Sturrock: Hungry Caterpillar | Riddle: Butterfly
  • The Wellness Centre: Thing 1, 2 and 3 | Riddle: Headache
  • Mr Sturrock: Willy Wonka | Riddle: Gold