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Celebrating International Women’s Day

The focus of Bethany’s whole school assembly on Wednesday was International Women’s Day, which will be marked globally today: Friday 8th March.


The theme this year is ‘inspire inclusion’, with the aim of highlighting the importance of continuing to work towards an inclusive society where all women across the globe are valued, respected, and empowered.


As part of this assembly, pupils were challenged to reflect on women who inspire them. Four of Bethany’s academic scholars share their thoughts about the women who they find inspirational in their lives.

“The woman who inspires me is my mum. I have always admired her mindset and how she sticks to things. She does so much in the house and works as well; it must be so tiring, but she still keeps a positive attitude.


She has been through some difficult times in her life, but she has been so brave, and I am so proud to have her as my mum. She inspires me every day.”


– Isabelle, Year 9

“My inspiration is Rosalind Franklin; she is a British chemist who helped discover the molecular structure of DNA. This inspires me because without her critical discovery, hundreds of thousands of crimes would not have been solved. Finding DNA is key to an investigation and solving it.


Rosalind Franklin has impacted the world of policing and criminal justice by assisting cases with her discoveries. Rosalind has ensured many criminals have been brought to justice and ensured the truth has been heard in vital cases (thanks to the DNA evidence). That is truly inspirational.”


– Sophie, Year 9

“While I was thinking about who to write about for this year’s International Women’s Day, I was looking into famous women in history, before stopping and thinking about those who are directly affecting me today. The woman I am writing about inspires me because although she is very busy and constantly working on one thing or another, she still makes time for her students and gets to know us as people. She’s been teaching me for five years and is genuinely one of the best teachers I’ve had, making learning actually fun, and helping us understand all we needed to know. I admire how kind she is and how conversations with her, in and out of class are fun and feel like I’m talking to someone who actually knows us.


So, thank you Mrs Hill, for being such an amazing teacher, head of scholars, deputy head of school and person. As I take the next step out of secondary school, I’ll remember you, and hope I can become a good person like you in the future.”


– Celeste, Year 13

“Being a girl in a school is not always an easy task, especially within the STEM subjects. It can become stressful – feeling the need to prove yourself and your academic abilities to your classmates and teachers. In times like that, I look towards the women at Bethany who inspire me.


There’s Mrs Sanjaya, who is one of the smartest mathematicians I know. She constantly reminds me that I have the capabilities to be good at maths and won’t take any excuses otherwise.


Dr Notley, who is one of the only teachers at Bethany to have a PhD. If she can pursue a PhD in a STEM field and complete it, then I can be inspired to do well in my A Level Physics class, despite being the only girl.


Mrs Hill has one of the highest roles in the school, yet still makes time to help individual students when they need it. And of course, I’m inspired by my female friends at Bethany, who are also completing male dominated A Levels and pursuing degrees in STEM. The knowledge that they are in the same situation as me, and not giving up, motivates me to continue working towards my A Levels followed by a degree in engineering and robotics.”


– Lily, Year 13