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The Value of Community Spirit

Last year, Goudhurst & Kilndown Primary School (GKPS) faced the loss of their school minibus due to an accident. This minibus was not just a vehicle; it was a testament to the community spirit of the school, as funds for its purchase had been gathered through various fundraising efforts by the school.

The challenge of securing adequate funding for a replacement bus has proved to be a daunting task, presenting a significant hurdle for the school in its pursuit to ensure continuous transportation for its pupils.

Recognising the predicament faced by GKPS and understanding the importance of maintaining the educational routines and extracurricular activities of the children, Bethany kindly offered our support. This gesture of goodwill was not only timely but critical, bridging the gap in transportation needs in the short term, thereby allowing the school the necessary time to raise funds for a new bus.

Throughout the past few months, Bethany’s contribution has extended beyond merely providing a solution to a logistical challenge; it has enabled the children of GKPS to continue their visits to Forest School, a hugely popular activity, enjoyed by all pupils at GKPS.

One of the minibus drivers at Bethany School, Sarah, has found particular joy and fulfilment in her role of transporting the children to and from Forest School. Her interactions with the children has forged a connection that is both heartwarming and emblematic of the positive impact of community assistance. The children, in turn, have warmly welcomed Sarah, an affection reflected in the playful and endearing nicknames they’ve bestowed upon her: ‘Moley’ and ‘Super Sarah’.

Judging by the photos, you can see just how fun and enriching the GKPS Forest School looks and Bethany’s assistance during this period has underscored the value of community support and collaboration in times of need.

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