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Learning Support

At Bethany we create an inclusive and supportive learning environment that caters to all gifted and talented pupils and those with mild learning support needs such as dyslexia, dyspraxia, and others who need smaller more supportive environments to flourish.




Irrespective of the child’s support needs, all pupils applying to Bethany should be of near average ability or above and be able to cope independently with small class teaching across the curriculum.


Our experienced team of dedicated DLS (Dyslexia and Learning Success) teachers work closely with parents, teaching staff, and pupils to develop and share amongst all teaching staff potent information detailing an individual pupil’s strengths, their relative weaknesses as well as suggested classroom strategies to support lesson planning which in turn maximises learning outcomes for such pupils.


There are also specific and targeted DLS lessons (in small groups) for those pupils requiring additional assistance. Bethany is accredited member of CReSTeD (Council for the Registration of Schools Teaching Dyslexic Pupils) and the latest report on Bethany can be accessed here.


Pupils with an Educational and Heath Care Plan (EHCP) are considered for admission. The Headmaster and the Head of the DLS will review the EHCP plan and take a view on whether Bethany can meet the provision requirements within it.


Through our supportive environment at Bethany, we empower every pupil to embrace their challenges and to fulfil their potential. In essence we level the playing field for these pupils.



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Bethany is accredited member of CReSTeD (Council for the Registration of Schools Teaching Dyslexic Pupils).


CReSTeD acts as a source of schools and centres which parents can use as their first step towards making a placement decision which will be critical to their child’s educational future.


CReSTeD was established in 1989, and maintain a Register of Schools accredited for their provision for children with Specific Learning Difficulties. These schools cover all levels of provision for SpLD pupils and include both state and independent provision.

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