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Pupil Health & Wellbeing

The school aims to create a healthy, safe and secure environment in which pupils develop confidence and self-discipline. We strive to ensure that all our pupils’ years at Bethany are happy ones, encouraging kindness and consideration for one another.





Bethany seeks to encourage pupils to be fully aware of health issues by teaching about diet, physical exercise, recreation, personal hygiene and positive lifestyles and it does so within the Christian value system.



The Wellness Centre


The Wellness Centre is an onsite facility managed by our Senior Nurse and Sister. Our Pupil Wellbeing Officer also operates from the Wellness Centre and is available to support pupils in the school community.


All pupils can visit the Wellness Centre at any point during the school day.



Wellbeing Award for Schools


Bethany School is the proud holder of the Wellbeing Award for Schools, which highlights the excellent pastoral care offered to pupils and staff at the School. With this, the school is demonstrating the commitment to:


  • Promoting mental health as part of school life
  • Improving the emotional wellbeing of their staff and pupils
  • Ensuring mental health problems are identified early and appropriate support provided
  • Offering provision and interventions that matches the needs of its pupils and staff
  • Engaging the whole-school community in the importance of mental health awareness
  • Capturing the views of parents, pupils and teachers on mental health issues

“Mental health and wellbeing is so important in our ever-changing world. Bethany School can provide a platform that helps our pupils and staff to feel supported and listened to, and this helps to increase the awareness of mental health as part of school life.”

Alan Sturrock, Deputy Head Pastoral





Founded in 1866 by the Reverend Joseph Kendon, a Baptist minister, Bethany’s spiritual inheritance helps define our moral values today. Staying true to our roots, Bethany School remains a Christian community, with robust and strong moral values which underpin our educational ethos.


Bethany welcomes children of all faiths or none, and together they attend Chapel twice weekly, to allow the valuable time for quiet reflection and personal space in our fast-paced world. Services are led by our Chaplain along with the Headmaster, other members of staff and guest speakers. 


In a world that moves ever faster with each passing day, we never overlook the importance of setting aside the time for quiet reflection and personal space. Our Chapel provides us all with the perfect setting in which to do so.


Our Chaplain, Paul Feesey, provides pastoral support to our school community, parents and extended families. He is also on hand to listen compassionately to any concerns our pupils may wish to discuss and to offer advice.

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