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Book cover competition

During February the library ran a competition to design a book cover.

​​​​​​​Designer, James Macey from Blacksheep Publishing UK created a brief and later judged the entries.

The brief given was designed to replicate the same style of information the publishing company would receive from the client. The pupils had the following information to work with; book title, author, genre, size of the book, synopsis and the what is required for the design. This year the book title was ‘The Cloak of Feathers’ by Nigel Quinlan.

James had this to say about the designs;

“A really strong, relevant piece of design.”

“I love this approach. Great style and perfect for the age group of this book is aimed for.”

“Fabulous typography here and a really strong image.”

“A beautiful image, great style. Strong typography too.”

“A beautiful cloak, perfect regarding the brief and storyline.”

James Macey’s chosen winners are:

First place – James Duncombe
Second place – Emma Kuhepa
Third place – Georgia Harker

Well done to all the entries.

World Book Day

Instead of having a World Book Day, here at Bethany we had an activity in the Library every day!

We’ve had several masterclasses from authors, Malorie Blackman, Patrice Lawrence, Holly Smale and illustrator, Chris Riddell. These classes challenged the pupils to think about their emotions, connect with their readers, and think about characters before developing illustrations of them.

We’ve also listened to books by Chris Ryan and Michelle Harrison.