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Enrichment Spotlight: Bushcraft

Every Friday afternoon at Bethany School, pupils have the chance to step out of the traditional classroom setting and dive into the thrilling world of bushcraft as part of our enrichment programme. Set in the bluebell forest, just below the high ropes course, pupils have an opportunity to connect with nature and learn valuable survival skills.

Bushcraft, at its core, is about thriving in the natural environment and mastering the skills needed to do so. Among the most essential of these skills is firelighting, a favourite among the pupils. Under the careful guidance of instructors, pupils learn various techniques to start and maintain a fire safely.

After mastering the art of firelighting, pupils use their newly created fires for delightful purposes – such as making hot chocolate!

Skills learned in bushcraft go beyond simple survival; they instil confidence, promote problem-solving, encourage respect for the environment, and enhance teamwork. Whether it’s through sparking a flint or sipping hot chocolate amidst the bluebells, pupils are gaining invaluable lessons in both survival and life.