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Raff and Gabi to Appear in Turner Contemporary

We are thrilled to announce the outstanding achievement of two of our talented art scholars, Rafferty and Gabriela, who have excelled in this year’s Portfolio Art Competition.

Their remarkable artworks, ‘Karma Chameleon’ by Raff, Year 7, and ‘Bug Hotel’ by Gabi, Year 9, have been selected to be showcased at the prestigious Turner Contemporary as part of Portfolio’s summer exhibition.

Portfolio, a platform dedicated to amplifying the voices of young artists, collaborates each year with various organisations to set a thematic focus for the competition. This year, in partnership with Windmill Community Gardens, the theme “ADAPT” was chosen to inspire budding artists to explore their surroundings, delve into sustainability, and unleash their creativity in innovative ways.

Raff’s sculpture, “Karma Chameleon”, embodies the essence of adaptation with its intricate design and thought-provoking concept. Through his artwork, Raff invites viewers to contemplate the ever-changing nature of life and the resilience required to navigate it.

On the other hand, Gabi’s “Bug Hotel” sculpture offers a whimsical yet insightful exploration of sustainability. By repurposing materials and crafting a habitat for insects from ceramics, Gabi prompts us to reconsider our relationship with the environment and the importance of coexisting harmoniously with nature.

Their exceptional artworks not only reflect their artistic prowess but also their deep understanding of the world around them. We couldn’t be prouder of Rafferty and Gabriela’s achievements, which serve as a testament to their creativity, ingenuity, and dedication to their craft.

To celebrate their success, there will be a special event on Friday, 24th May, where Rafferty and Gabriela will have the opportunity to showcase their artworks to the public. This event promises to be a wonderful celebration of their talent and hard work.

We extend our warmest congratulations to Raff and Gabi on their well-deserved recognition in the Portfolio Art Competition. Their accomplishments are a source of inspiration for us all, and we eagerly anticipate seeing their artworks grace the walls of Turner Contemporary.

Well done!


Mrs Smart

Head of Art