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The Read for Good Readathon

​​​​​​​Our Readathon ends on the last day of the Easter Holiday, April 19th. On this date, each participant needs to count up how many books they have read during the last six months. Please ask your English Teacher for help with this should you need it.

Don’t forget to watch one of these videos to remind yourself of the great effort you have made:

Next steps:

  1. Tell your sponsors how many books you have read during The Readathon.
  2. Politely ask if they are still willing to sponsor you (with your parents’ permission of course!).
  3. If your sponsor is happy, then please ask them to pay the sponsor money directly to Read for Good.
  4. Finally, please email to let us know that someone has sponsored you and paid online directly to Readathon.

Keep reading, fund-raising and being amazing! Thank you everyone!

Mrs Healy, English Teacher