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Year 8 DLS Public Speaking Challenge

The year 8 DLS pupils have spent time researching, planning and writing speeches, trying to engage and interest their audience with their knowledge.  They then delivered their speeches to the whole group and also recited a poem linked to their topic which they tried to memorise.  The standard was very high this year with topics ranging from Pokemon, Was Dumbledore really a villain?  and World War 1.

First place was Maisie F whose speech about the development of women’s football was delivered with confidence and it was obvious that she had practised this a great deal.  She included some interesting facts and was able to answer our questions in detail showing a vast knowledge of the subject.

Woman Football Pictures | Download Free Images on Unsplash

Runner up was India S who included a number of different language techniques in her writing which engaged the audience from the start.  Her speech on cake was well received by everyone; we also appreciated the cake that she brought in for us to share!

Highly commended are Will D for his speech about motorbikes which he obviously enjoyed doing.  His speech was well organised and full of interesting facts.  Also highly commended was Toby H-J whose speech about space gave us lots to think about and was presented with confidence and Eve C who taught us about hairdressing and read an amusing poem about hair cutting during lockdown.

Space Isn't As Colorful As NASA's Photos Make It Seem And Here's Why

Well done to everyone, the teachers learnt a lot from your speeches and really enjoyed listening to you.  Standing up and speaking in front of your peers can be nerve-wracking and we were so impressed with the way that everyone handled this.

Mrs Sturrock
DLS Teacher, PSHCE Coordinator