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Alexander wins Public Speaking competition award

The last two weeks has seen a Year 12 Enterprise Department Public Speaking Competition take place. This consisted of two rounds, the first of which was an “Elevator Pitch”, where participants were invited to submit via ‘Teams Chat’ a pre-recorded sales pitch for a cycling app, and were challenged in just 30-60 seconds to sell the app to a keen cyclist.

Jolyon, Alexander and Shea were judged the top three entries; all understood the idea of basing their sales pitch on the features of the product that gave the potential customer most value. They went on to a more traditional public speaking final, which was delivered in front of the 6th form in their Thursday assembly.

In the final they were required to speak for around 4 minutes on one of the following topics:

No visual aids were allowed – they were judged solely on clarity, content, structure, and star quality, by a panel of three expert judges.

Congratulations to Alexander who came out on top with a particularly well considered and detailed speech about a low tax environment. He deservedly receives a £50 Amazon voucher.

Mr Khan
Enterprise Department