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Earthquake appeal see’s Felix become Bethany Headmaster for a day

Thursday 2nd and Friday 3rd March saw Headmaster, Francie Healy, and Felix Hardie, in Year 7, swap roles for the day in order to raise money for the Turkey-Syria Earthquake Appeal.

All pupils at Bethany School paid £10, which will to go to the Turkey-Syria Earthquake Appeal. Pupils were entered into a raffle to become Bethany Headmaster for a day. The competition also saw Mr Healy, Headmaster, swap places and become a pupil himself.

The raffle was won by Year 7 pupil, Felix, who became Headmaster on Friday. His first act was to appoint Michael St Clair Bishop, also Year 7, as his Deputy Head.

On Thursday, Mr Healy, dressed in full Bethany uniform, arrived at school and shadowed Felix and his friends, joining them in lessons and break times.

IMG_6108The first lesson of the day was Maths, Mr Healy’s specialist subject. The challenge was then set for any pupil to get as many maths questions right as Mr Healy. As Mr Healy got them all right, only those pupils with a perfect score got merits; four pupils obtained the well-deserved awards.


The day ended with a dragon design competition, to celebrate World Book Day. Mr Healy drew what could best be described as a mediocre Dragon and he was very grateful to Francesca Bavin, another Year 7 pupil, for encouraging him so well in the lesson.

PHOTO-2023-03-02-15-29-30On Friday, it was Felix’s turn to shadow Mr Healy and become Headmaster. Along with his Deputy Head, Michael, or Mr Michael as he liked to be called, Felix turned his hand to running Bethany School. The day started by having a look at the term dates for the next few years. When asked what his first change at Bethany School as the new Headmaster would be, Felix said “I’m not too sure, everything at Bethany is perfect as it is”. He subsequently suggested that a Bethany School TikTok account should be made, so that staff and pupils can hop onto the latest trends.

IMG_9792Felix, whose favourite subject is games, is a keen footballer and Cristiano Ronaldo fan. Felix was asked what he thinks is Bethany’s best selling point for new pupils. He said, “Everyone is friendly, both pupils and teachers. The teachers are always nice and everyone is so welcoming, whoever you are”.

IMG_9793The new Headmaster had his photo on the door to his new office and, as you can see by the photo above, he settled in straight away. Felix even had his portrait put up in the Headmaster’s gallery – a staircase with portraits of all of the previous Bethany School Headmasters, dating all the way back to 1866!


Mr Healy commented, “I really enjoyed my day as a Year 7 pupil. Everyone was so kind and welcoming to me in the Year group. It was a pleasure to have Felix replace me and I am glad that it was for one day only!  He learned a lot about the complexities of running a school. He and Michael charmed all the staff they met. Best of all we raised £3,970 for the earthquake victims in Turkey and Syria”.

Thank you to everyone who entered the draw for the competition. The real reason for this day is a heartbreaking one. The Disaster Emergency Committee’s Turkey-Syria Earthquake Appeal are doing all they can to help in the great tragedy in Turkey and Syria. Donations will be used to reach people in urgent need in the aftermath of the earthquakes. It will provide support and aid that includes:

  • Distributing essentials like food water and blankets
  • Setting up temporary shelters to support thousands of survivors who are facing freezing conditions
  • Providing first aid and crisis support
  • Assisting with the rescue efforts and getting people vital medical aid
  • Providing psycho-social support to those who have been traumatised

If you would like to donate, please click here