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Art Scholar showcase: Willem, Year 10

We have a talented bunch of Art scholars here at Bethany. Each week the Art department want to showcase each of them and the fantastic work that they produce. We feel talent like theirs needs to be shared.

Willem is currently study Art in Year 10 and already his drawings skills far exceed his age and experience. He clearly has an eye for drawing as well as the patience of a saint. His work has a running theme of accuracy and detail. The time he dedicates to his artwork is clearly evident in the exquisite drawings that he produces. Willem is currently working on a coastal project in his GCSE art and already he is steaming ahead with the work. He has produced an excellent artist study using Léon Nahon as inspiration. The mark making and composition is so mature and well executed you would have thought that the person who had done it was twice as old as Willem and twice as experienced in the art of drawing.

If this is what Willem can produce in Year 10, we are all very excited to see what he produces when he reaches his A level course and even beyond. He is most definitely a force to be reckoned with in the art world.

Nicola Brown, Head of Textiles