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Year 9 Pupils Enter the Dragon’s Den

On Thursday 3rd February Year 9 started their eagerly anticipated pitches to some intimidating Dragons (one of which being the Headmaster)

The objective of the lessons have been to investigate a common problem, develop an invention to help solve that problem then apply persuasive language techniques in a ‘sales pitch’ to the Dragon’s to make them want to invest in them. 

There were some fantastic pitches to the four Dragons, each candidate showed confidence and innovation, some were also very humorous.

Harrison Smith humorous start his pitch evoked a belly laugh from the crowd and continued to entertain us with his invention.

Also Yoel Adato and Lowan Sullivan gave a interesting pitch about flying cars – a future we all hope to be a part of, although with starting prices of £250,000 we may need to save up for a while.

There will be more pitches over the next week so watch this space for updates and news of the winners…

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