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Wellbeing Award for Schools

Wellbeing Award 2023

BSB is accredited with the Wellbeing Award for Schools | British School of  Barcelona

Bethany was awarded a Wellbeing Award for Schools in 2019 and is seeking to have it renewed. To facilitate this renewal, Bethany will soon be sending out a questionnaire about the School’s approach to mental health and wellbeing.

What is the Wellbeing Award for Schools?

This award focuses on changing the long-term culture of the whole School. It uses an evidence-based framework to help drive change. It will help schools deliver staff and pupil wellbeing. Our staff training is revised and, where necessary, School policies are revised. This award demonstrates that mental health and wellbeing sit at the heart of school life.

Bethany initially received the award prior to Covid and, the work carried out by the School during school closures to support pupils and staff wellbeing is something which we are very proud of. The current challenge is how we help staff and pupils deal with the effects of that period and the global uncertainty of the current world.

As you are aware, this year Bethany appointed a Pupil Wellbeing Officer to support the mental health and wellbeing provision in place for the pupils. This has been an important step towards the progression of the School from the initial award.

Parents and carers are also part of the community and we hope we are promoting awareness of the importance of being open about mental health issues and seeking support as well as giving support, to parents for their children. This includes sharing information about where to get support and about issues such as the weekly National Online Safety information shared on the social media platforms, and the ‘Let’s Talk’ links to the mental health talks online.

We will invite The Charlie Waller Trust to come in to school to speak with the pupils, staff and parents in the summer term. Their last visit in 2022 was well received.

We have also appointed a Lay Chaplain following the departure of Mr Cuthbert who has no teaching commitments and will be a valuable additional pastoral support to the staff and pupils. These are just some of the headlines but of course the day to day culture of the School, the support of those in the community as a whole, and the access to different avenues of help available continue to be most important and impactful.

Here is a link to the school approach to mental health and wellbeing:

If you require any further information please do not hesitate to contact me at School either by email or phone.


Yours Sincerely


Alan Sturrock

Deputy Head Pastoral