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Virtual Careers Fair And National Apprenticeship Week

The w​​​eek beginning Monday 8th February saw the launch of our Virtual Careers Fair where all Year Groups were encouraged during tutor time to explore the 21 different careers sectors that we had on ‘virtual’ offer. Although very different from our now annual traditional format of 20-30 vendors in the assembly hall, it was still an event that was enjoyed by pupils and received some very positive feedback. Indeed, Year 10 and Year 12 spent some time visiting during their ‘careers morning’ on Monday and Tuesday! Parents/guardians are more than welcome to log into our Virtual Careers Fair using this link. The platform will still be available for the rest of the academic year – the password to grant entry is BethanyVWEX.

This week was also National Apprenticeship week with tutors also encouraged to discuss this in their tutor time morning sessions. Pupils were encouraged to do these activities to get them familiar with all things apprenticeship related. I was also busy tweeting out any opportunity that came my way this week – with apprenticeships listed from Amazon, BT, Pfzier and many more! Feel free to review these opportunities via the @bethanybusiness twitter handle.

Lastly, please click here to download the latest ‘degree apprenticeship’ opportunities. With more and more employers offering these ‘Level 4’ apprenticeships, we are encouraging our Year 12 and Year 13 pupils to consider these opportunities in tandem with their UCAS applications and ultimately decide which path they choose on their A level results day.

Simon Duff
Head of Careers