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Turning everything into a Drama at Bethany!

Turning everything into a Drama at Bethany!

This term the Drama department has been able to open its doors once more and do what it does best; showcase the talent at Bethany School. Below is a brief summary of two events that welcomed public performances back to the Drama Studio and Music School.

 Year 10 Evening of Drama

Have you ever considered what it would be like to be totally responsible for holding an audience’s attention? Have you ever experienced being the only person talking in a crowded room? Do those possibilities fill you with fear? Bethany School’s Year 10 Drama pupils proved that they could engage an audience, tell a story and become a character…on their own! Monologues are written to provide the audience with some time with one character and for even the most experienced performer this can be challenging.  Sixteen GCSE Drama pupils performed their monologues to an audience of parents and staff on Monday night. Each actor prepared a monologue from plays which include “Girls Like That”, “Look Back In Anger” and “Shakers”. The performance was recorded as part of their GCSE coursework and worth 20% of the examination. This was the first time some of the pupils had ever performed in front of an audience and the results were simply stunning. We are so proud of our GCSE pupils and look forward to their practical performances in Year 11.

Dress Rehearsal for Year 12 Acting Pupils

Year 12 were in final rehearsals this week for their adaptation of Steven Berkoff’s “Metamorphosis”. The play, based on the novel by Franz Kafka, tells the story of a regular sales person who awakens to find they have been transformed into a gigantic insect. The production will be performed to the public next half term and promises to be an excellent show demonstrating, use of space, physical theatre and exaggeration.


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