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Supporting Bethany Pupils to Become Highly Effective Learners

This week pupils in Years 7,10 and 12 were provided with an opportunity to reflect on their approach to learning, and introduced to effective study skills by Stephen James from Study Skills Zone.

Stephen led three sessions throughout the day, each tailored to the needs of the specific year group. Whilst Year 12 focused on post GCSE independent study, Year 10 looked at active revision strategies to support them through the crucial GCSE years, and Year 7 were encouraged to challenge themselves and build their learning resilience.

The sessions were well received and will support the work of other areas of the curriculum and tutor programme which focus pupils on developing effective learning habits for success.

Stephen will return to Bethany twice more this year, giving pupils in Years 11 and 13 the opportunity to hone their revision techniques ahead of both trial and final examinations, and to encourage Year 9 to prepare for stepping up to GCSE.