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Pupils show incredible perseverance during Bushcraft Enrichment activity

Last week the Bushcraft Enrichment activity was wonderful because we were able to sit near our main fire and have hot chocolate, definitely a bonus in the cold weather.

Each week pupils are allowed to choose their activity and half of them chose to make a fire. They showed real perseverance and should be really proud that they didn’t give up. They are all gaining an understanding of the size of materials they need to start a fire, understanding that the wood they collect needs to be dry, that thbushcraft 2ere are different styles of fires to set up which then they light, and then how to ‘feed’ the fire to keep it alight and not smothering it with too much wood to soon. Mastering the technique of using a flint and steel takes time but they accepted the challenge, and all wanted to try their hand at this.


This week we made a simple dough and cooked dough twists using a stick over an open fire. They could choose from hot dogs or jam as their filling. Two pupils managed to cook their hot dog wrapped in some dough, genius, and another was able to cook a perfect dough twist which then enabled them to squeeze a hot dog into the middle.

Previously they learnt some knots (with the aid of our year 13 assistant) that would help them for multiple outdoor activities, such as figure of eight, reef and a stopper knot. This week they were able to set up a hammock and test if their knots held when they sat in it. I’m pleased to say they did! These are basic skills which they can build on over time and will be great for anyone who loves the outdoors.

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