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Pupils Learn About Themselves

The Part Time Year 7 DLS group completed their first topic All About ME.

There are 2 parts to the project. The first task is to put together a presentation that illustrates all the things they are good at, struggle with and have overcome. Next they had to identify a famous person who has struggled with something but overcome it to achieve great things. They research this person’s struggles and achievements and find out how they succeed with their neurodiverse brain!

Francesca Bavin came 1st. She provided lots of detail about what she is good at and what she finds tricky. Her famous person was her uncle, Ian Collins who is the England Rugby Captain for the deaf.


Rory Outram came 2nd. He gave us lots of detail about himself and what helps him. He told us all about Elon Musk who lives with Aspergers.

Highly commend goes to Freddy Cavill, who researched I Show Speed, Gus Tuson, who looked into Tom Cruise, Jess Maclver-Clark, who investigated Tom Holland and Oscar Evans, who also researched Tom Cruise. All provided a good understanding of their own skills and challenges.

Well done everybody!