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Preparing for success and unleashing pupil potential

Our weekly blog has been written by Mr Bolton, Head of Year 10 and 11, who writes about the importance of preparation and how Bethany School helps pupils to unleash their potential.

The Head of Key Stage 4 (Year 10 and 11) is a privileged role in the school and I am so proud of our Year 10 and 11 pupils. Many thanks must firstly go to the parents for supporting staff in ensuring their children are some of the best dressed in the school, and ensuring the campus is full of smartly dressed pupils ready to learn. I very much see the benefit of marginal gains and the positive impact this has on our pupils. Learning time is maximised and conversations regarding finding blazers or shoes is certainly a thing of the past. Thank you for your support, it has made such a difference.

Key Stage 4 is all about preparation for exams and preparation for the future and working alongside these pupils it is clear they are resilient and ready for the challenges that lie ahead. In September and October, Year 10 and 11 took part in Study Skills created by “Resilient Me” an education provider specialising in memory recall. This training providing them with much needed guidance for revision. Many of us will remember revising for our own exams, note taking and using different coloured highlighters, however I am pleased to say that things have developed significantly since then. Our pupils were working alongside professionals creating innovative revision that engaged and activated them. These sessions were not to be delivered as a stand-alone project and I am pleased that during tutor times on a Monday morning our dedicated tutor team have delivered some excellent sessions on applying active learning skills to relevant topics and subjects.

I am so grateful to our Key Stage 4 tutors. Through their hard work and diligence so many of our children have been supported academically and pastorally. Bethany asks our pupils to be the best they can be and our tutors provide a level of support that certainly enables that to be put into practice. Our tutors seek to promote excellence and it is simply a pleasure to work alongside a team that deliver this on a daily basis.

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I have been very proud of our pupils’ achievements this term and equally impressed with how so many immerse themselves within the life of the school. One area where this is deeply apparent is through our series of Key Stage 4 assemblies where each tutor group deliver an informative presentation linked to their learning and the world in which they live. For me, it is so powerful to have a pupil who may not normally public speak, deliver an assembly to their peers. We have subsequently enjoyed presentations on: climate change, international men’s day and sustainable energy to name a few. Our pupils are very supportive of one another and despite a few nerves I am always in awe of the quality that is shared.

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As we bring 2022 to a close we also bring Year 11 trial examinations to a conclusion. There is always an endgame and no matter how we frame it, our pupils will be tested through external examinations in the summer. Therefore these trial examinations are vital and next Thursday will see our Year 11 pupils take part in a ‘mock results morning’. This is designed to provide a real experience and enable them to capture how August 2023 results day will be. There are always areas to develop and there will always be aspects of all our learning we can draw upon for both teacher and pupil. What a privilege it is for us to experience it at Bethany. I trust Thursday will bring a variety of emotions to our Year 11 and I welcome this as I know that they will be well supported with their next steps by the Bethany staff team.

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On behalf of Mrs Clough (the Assistant Head of Key Stage 4) and myself we wish you all a very Happy Christmas and a great New Year.

Mr Bolton,
Head of Year 10 and 11