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Dyslexia Learning Success Spring Term Competition

The Y9 DLS Spring term competition on the theme of inventions tasked the pupils with designing and writing about an invention for a common problem.  The field was strong this year with pupils tackling environmental issues, safety, hygiene, convenience, energy and even hairstyles.  The presentations were clearly well planned and rehearsed, with candidates exuding confidence as they presented to a panel of Dragons including Mr Healy, Mrs Rendell, Mrs Cooper and Mrs Rowell.

dragons 3

First prize is awarded to Lowan Sullivan and Yoel Adato who received 10s across the board from one judge – a DLS first!  Their invention, Aero Car, makes worldwide travel a safe and speedy option.  Yoel and Lowan’s presentation was professional in design, delivered with confidence and the Dragon’s could not fault their knowledge of the product, answering every question thrown at them.


Second prize is shared by Ed Cripps and Bert Dicker who pitched their solution to energy poverty with a satellite harnessing solar power and Chris Hannam’s highly original Mining, Agriculture and Rescue suit (MARS) project which would allow users to enter hazardous situations safely.

Highly Commended are Tom and Harrison for their Bio Bricks,Lego made from fish food and Lazy Slinger enabling the user to reach items Spiderman style!

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