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Church Group outreach project

Team 22 gives an update on their Church Group outreach project

This week we once again went to the Seniors group in Horsmonden.  Archie M started with a short quiz, which, despite the controversy of team buzzers not working and loud shouts of answers, the teams enjoyed and drew 3-3.  After this, we shared a couple of songs from YouTube – You are my sunshine and Let It Be.  These went down well and the Seniors, and Team 22, enjoyed singing along.IMG-6931  The Seniors appreciated these and liked the use of technology, with a shout of ‘nice one mate!’ as we finished the second song.  After a few more songs, we had tea and cakes which we handed out. Oliver and Rachel supplied the cakes, and these were very popular, even leading to a round of applause and shouts of thanks from the Seniors (I may need to get the recipe Oliver, the icing was fab!).  After the Team helped to clear up, it was back to a few more songs, before the hour was soon up.IMG-6932

The Seniors really liked having Team 22 and, although Team 22 might not have chosen this activity from a long (or even short) list, I hope that they enjoyed it and got something out of it. Having spoken to a couple they definitely valued the time they had.  And for the hour slot today, they definitely made some old people very happy, which is what it’s about.

Well done all!