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Church Group outreach project Team 23

Team 23 gives a further update on the Church Group outreach project

Team 23 went to the Goldies group in Horsmonden this week.  After the short trip our technological expertise was called on to sort out laptop problems. Chris, Josh and Thomas saved the day and, after coffees and teas were served, the singing started.

Chris, Josh and Thomas led the quiz which the seniors enjoyed and then we played some of our songs – including I’ve got a lovely bunch of coconuts.  The seniors very much enjoyed the quiz and it again brought out their competitive side.  After a few more songs we served more tea and coffees. During which we played a cockney knees up by Tom Carradine which went down superbly with tea and biscuits. There were lots of voices thanking the team for their efforts and for the fun and entertainment that they brought.  There were a few more songs before the end, some of the team getting into the singing and requesting some good old songs! Afterwards we headed to the shop having been given £5 for our help fixing the laptop, and then headed back to School. More fun next week!IMG-6950