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Celebrating a delightful 100 Days with Year 7

This Monday we were delighted to celebrate having Year 7 with us for 100 days.

Tutor groups started making 100 leaves describing the best of Bethany and different subjects offered to mark the occasion. The leaves will form a display in the day room. Lesson highlights include Geography where pupils spent the start of lessons using the website to discover places that can be found 100 miles from where we live. Pupils were surprised that parts of Northern France were only 100 miles away from where they live!

Also, pupils were challenged to write about Bethany in exactly 100 words. They had plenty to say and highlights included lunch, laptops, friendly teachers and pupils, sport and support.

“My favourite subject is maths, my teacher is Mrs. Wareham who teaches maths clearly and simply. I have lots of new friends and we talk and have fun at break and lunch in the quiet day room. I have help when I need it like when I do not understand, the teacher tells me and helps me do it. I have a laptop to help so it is easier to do my work and help with my spelling and I have teams to tell me about prep. I do not struggle with my timetable, but I did at the beginning!”
– Thomas M

“My favorite subjects in no particular order are art, history, science, and geography.
Art: I love art because they have all the right art kit and they teach in a way that is easy to understand, my art teacher called Mrs Clough.
History: is taught by my tutor Mr Davies. I like history because unlike my old school we do time periods in order.
Geography: Geography is one of my favorite subjects because I am really good at it. We have been doing OS maps which I have enjoyed because I do scouts so know a lot about it already.”
– Robert S

“I love Bethany because the facilities are amazing, the lessons are great and I get lots of help, Lessons like sports, PE, geography are so fun and I enjoy them, and if your ever lonely there is always someone to go to and if I’m sad I have many people I can talk to. Break time is fun as well as there are many places to go and there is day rooms if you want to just have a quiet break and there the Astro and swimming pool, the sports hall, art room, Library, there are just so many amazing opportunities.”
– Cecily C

I have been at Bethany school for 100 days; my favorite subjects are history, Mr. Vickerman is a good teacher, and he has got me to enjoy history a lot more we have learned about the black death, peasant revolt, The Fire of London. We have written 1 essay on are first topic Which was the black death. I also enjoyed the lesson because we had to choose where we sat; the tables are different to hayward there are called pods and they kind of weird, but I like them. Even though it’s history we are in the science building.
– Ruby P

“I really, really, really love History because I am good at it, plus have the classes with my friends. I also like history because if you do not learn about the past, we cannot learn what will happen to us… Also, there are a bunch of random facts that no one else knows in the class. Like that the power needed to make an atomic bomb was discovered on a squash court; or that Napoleon was charged at by a horde of Bunnies. All in all, these are the reasons that I love history and it is my favorite subject.”
– Ethan R

“I have been at Bethany for 100 days so far, it has been really great. My favorite subject is P.E because we always play football and football is my favorite sport. The facilities at Bethany are good because they have football pitches, rugby pitches and an Astro turf to play football, netball, rugby, and basketball. There is a swimming pool as well, and it is open on a Monday and Fridays. I think the best day of the week in Bethany is Wednesday because there is normally a football match and there is computer science and that is really fun.”
– Lucien F

“I have been at Bethany school for 100 days I have enjoyed it so far and I can’t wait for all of the trips new enrichment but I like how we have football matches basically every week my favorite subject is PE because I like sports, I recommend Bethany because it’s a fun school and you do loads of fun lessons and enrichment. I made loads of new friends in Bethany. We have a day room so in break time you could go to the day room or the Astro.”
– Chris H W

“I love Bethany school because they make all the lessons very fun, and their food is very nice .and my favourite lesson is games because I love the sport and Bethany make it even better and I love when we do matches . And I also love how if you ever felt sad or lonely or like you don’t have anyone to talk to the teachers are always willing to help you with any problems you have, and I love Hanging out at the Astro and the sports hall and that they let you play there at break time.”
– Amelia B

“What I like about Bethany school… I have been at Bethany school for exactly about 3 and a half months, And I have enjoyed a lot of its subjects and teachers. Two of my favorite subjects are: history and art, because they really inspire me and are interesting. Bethany school also has amazing facilities including the Swimming pool and the high ropes cores witch I have been lucky enough to use. The teachers really inspire me because they are really kind, and I always learn something new after a lesson. I have been Able to make some really good friends.”
– Tilly H

“I have been at Bethany for 100 days and so far, it has been great some of the best things about Bethany is the sport and the facilities across the grounds. My personal favorite subject is sport because I am a very sporty person in my mind. The thing that I love about the sport is there are a lot of things to choose from, for example you can swim, and you can play football and basketball and I also love the space in the school grounds. I also love the teachers in Bethany school because they are all great.”
– Jonah B