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Bethany looking to renew Wellbeing Award for Schools

Bethany School is looking to renew the Wellbeing Award for Schools which we obtained in 2019

BSB is accredited with the Wellbeing Award for Schools | British School of  BarcelonaThis gives recognition to the work the school does across the community to promote wellbeing and positive attitudes to mental health. Given that since 2019 we have endured the hardships of Covid with the enforced school closures and had many pupils join the school since the award was attained, we want to raise the whole Bethany community’s awareness of the award. More information can be found in the impact report written in 2020: Click here

As a school we have utilised the expertise of the Charlie Waller Trust to inform our practice and pupils, staff and parents have benefited from talks by Jenny Langley. The Charlie Waller Trust provide a broad range of resources which can be found through their website

Within the school we have also generated a new role to support the Wellness Centre and the Pastoral Team, and welcome Verena Boot as the Pupil Wellbeing Officer. Verena is based in the Wellness Centre and provides support to pupils Monday to Friday. Mrs Alex Scott has also been appointed to be the Governor with oversight of Wellbeing and Mental Health as we seek to retain the award.

Please look out for the questionnaires which will come out soon and seek your views on the provisions being offered promoting positive mental health. If you have any feedback then please contact Alan Sturrock, Deputy Head Pastoral.