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Art Scholar Showcase: Summer, Year 7

Summer is one of our youngest Art scholars, only joining us in Year 7 this year. Already she has shown such dedication and passion for the subject by creating some stunning pieces during her lessons as well as in her own free time. She loves to add multiple layers of detail to her work and spends hours on perfecting her drawings.

You can tell that hours of her time go into her art as she has great determination to further improve her skills. Like anything, to get better at something requires time and patience; Summer clearly has this in abundance.

Summer bugs 2

Currently, Summer has been focusing on insects, looking at patterns and lines, learning how to incorporate zentangles like patterns into her drawings to give them a design like feel.

On top of this class work Summer is working hard on her personal scholar’s project where she wants to focus her ideas on nature, looking closely at jellyfish and the exquisite colours and shapes that they possess. Her aim is to create a larger scale painting based on these beautiful creatures.

Already Summer has a stunning style to her work and clearly has a talent for drawing. She will learn to use a variety of different media and will be encouraged to work on a larger scale which will challenge and stretch her as an artist, but we are sure she is up for the challenge.

This exciting young talent has a bright and creative future and the art department at Bethany are looking forward to seeing how she develops and grows as an artist.

Sarah Smart,
Head of Art

Summer bugs 3