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A Famous British Haunting

Year 9 DLS pupils researched a famous British haunting and produced pieces of writing to convey the experience. 

Pupils needed to consider their purpose and audience and present their findings in an appropriate way. There were a wide range of interesting topics from across Britain, from the Tudor times to the modern day, presented as newspaper articles, magazine submissions and blogs.

Joint first place goes to Maisie Frankum and Layla Kemp who chose Newton House and Enfield as their subjects and their writing showed clear purpose and consideration for the audience.  Both pupils used language and structure to engage the reader and create a terrifying read balanced with factual information.

Second place goes to Anna Stapleton who wrote about feeling a sense of history wash over her at Buckland Abbey with careful word choices and effective vocabulary.

Highly commended are Dylan Ashley and Zebedee Papworth who also wrote about Newton House. Dylan included an interview with an eye witness and Zebedee bravely put himself in the hands of the ghost.  Ghost enthusiasts among you now know that Newton House is the place to be!

Ghosts sightings reported in Staffordshire in the last 20 years -  Staffordshire Live