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Fascinating Pharaohs

The Art and Key Stage 3 Academic Scholars had an exciting trip to the Saatchi gallery to view the Tutankhamen Exhibition this week.

It was packed full of fascinating facts about the young pharaoh’s life as well as his journey into the after life. While the Academic Scholars were frantically scribbling down facts and filling in their worksheets, the Art Scholars had their sketchbooks out, sketching all of the incredible artefacts that were on display ranging from embalming equipment to luxurious gold sculptures to dazzlingly colourful jewellery.

There was so much to look at and draw information from, that the pupils were spoilt for choice. The rich history of the Egyptian world was a great place to base our scholar work on and both Art and Academic scholars had a great opportunity to broaden their knowledge and enrich their work because of the trip.

The Art Scholars will be embarking on a textile workshop inspired by the sketches they did while at the gallery. They will be learning new textile skills and bringing their work off the paper onto fabric. This workshop will be led by Miss Daley, our in house art technician, who specialised in textiles at university. The Academic Scholars will be creating presentations about the Egyptian Pharaoh and the discovery of his tomb of treasures.

Scholar trips like these are a great benefit to the pupils and it is clear by the standard of the work produced from them that they inspire and motivate pupils, to both show off the skills they have learnt and show off the work that they have produced.

We have some very talented pupils at Bethany and look forward to showcasing their work at our Festival of Scholars evening on the 28th of February alongside that of talented Sports, Performing Arts, DT and Food Scholars.