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Year 7 Artists Enjoy Owl Workshop

Year 7 pupils have been focusing on the theme of birds this term. They have created some wonderful drawings so far and have been inspired by a variety of artists, including Claire Youngs and Katherine Wheeler.


To fully understand the form of a bird, pupils had the fantastic opportunity to witness real life birds visit the school for them to interact with and get up close too. The Kent Owl Academy brought in four gorgeous owls for the pupils to look at and use their mobile phones to take a closer photo. They were able to learn more about the creatures as well as see some of them in flight.


The pupils loved this experience and were able to have more of an understanding of the creatures they were studying.

“Today we went to chapel, and we saw two people who showed us four beautiful owls!! First we saw a tiny, adorable one which was an Indian Scops. Next, there was a Barn Owl who kept trying to fly away! There was also a Tawny Owl who ate a mouse, and also flew right over my head! Finally, there was an enormous Great Horned owl who may have pooped on the floor. I liked the first owl first because it was quiet, tiny, and adorable!”

– Edward, Year 7 pupil

“The owls that I saw today were a Tawny Owl, Indian Scops Owl, a Barn Owl and a Great Horned Owl. I learned how tall Great Horned Owls are, they are huge! Owls can turn their heads to see 360 degrees and they cannot throw up! I liked when the owls flew over your head because it was exciting. My favourite was the Great Horned Owl because of its large size and yellow eyes. The bird workshop helped because it showed their feathers and their faces and how the birds look. I liked seeing the birds and watching them eat a mouse!”

– Gus, Year 7 pupil


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