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Pupils visit Lamberhurst Primary School

Last week, the Team 7 enrichment group went to meet the Year 2s at Lamberhurst Primary School.

Having planned activities two weeks prior to the day, one could have been forgiven for thinking they may have been slightly unprepared when we arrived.

However, Mattie, Ethan, Harry, and Ollie did an amazing job of organising the Year 2s and setting up an hour of fun activities. They were supported by Olivia, Hannah and Safi, who also took the lead in one of the games. I can honestly say that the delivery and enthusiasm, combined with the professional and thoughtful approach, was most impressive and earned comments from the Lamberhurst staff too.

I would like to thank Team 7 for their application and can assure them I would be happy to take them to a primary school any day; they were excellent ambassadors for Bethany School.

Mrs Wareham
Head of Year 9