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Pupil Bedgebury walk raises £1995 for brain tumour charity

By Safi Chettiar, Sophie Finnamore, Beatrice Flanders, Joshua Ayomide Komolafe, Mia Lawley, Alexander von Seidel and Christopher Webb

Why giving to charity is important

Being charitable is a selfless service, which means putting your time, money and effort into something you do not expect anything out of. Giving money to charity is important because it can help people find new cures with putting money into research, doing that can save many lives.

What is the brain tumour charity?

Everyday over 15 people die from brain cancer. You should donate each and every one of you have an essential role to make a difference. Look at this website above and donate. Marie Curie died to discover the radiation which can be a cure so do not let it go to waste. Chemotherapy is still dangerous but by donating we can make it safe.

How we raised £1995.00

For the brain tumour community, we walked around Bedgebury park in our tutor groups for a great cause, during the day we got to play some games and do activities to take in the wildlife. At the end we managed to raise approximately £1995.00, whoever contributed to the walk must pay some money or get people to sponsor them. After walking for hours we ended the day playing on the jungle gym equipment, the day was fun and exciting and we hope to go again to raise money for another charity.