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New Additions to the Parent Portal

We now have a couple of additions to the Parent Portal as below:

  1. The Events Calendar. This displays long-standing School calendar events, like sports fixtures and music events. In the coming weeks we will update this to make it more user-friendly, with more accurate filters that can be applied by each parent to suit their children’s activities (so showing only Year 8 or Year 11 events for example, or the cricket ones). The Events calendar can be exported to many different calendars, like IOS or Outlook.
  2. An Emergency Lightbox. This is for short-notice information & notices, like the cancellation of fixtures and is displayed to all Parent Portal users when they first land on the home page. We will display the most recent additions to these notices at the top with the date and time of when this was added. An example of what this will look like is shown below:

parent portal