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Enrichment Week – Year 12

For Year 12 Enrichment Week this year we tried to create a balance between ‘next steps after Bethany’ and ‘fun’! There has been a range of external guest speakers, personal statement progression time, and exercise classes – culminating in a trip to Thorpe Park on the last day for one last jolly before breaking up for the summer!

On Monday, Year 12 pupils started the week with an informative talk about apprenticeships from a guest speaker. This session provided valuable insights into the different career paths that can be pursued through apprenticeships and allowed pupils to consider alternative options to university. Following this, the pupils had the opportunity to attend a virtual careers fair, where they could explore various industries and engage with professionals from different fields.

After this, former Bethany pupil, Alexander Fuller, shared his experiences of life after Bethany and specifically his time at university. Alexander provided valuable advice and guidance on what to expect in terms of academic challenges, social life, and personal development.

IMG_20230703_111016Pupils then participated in a workshop focusing on finance and budgeting skills. This session was designed to equip them with the necessary knowledge to manage their finances effectively once they leave Bethany. They learned about the importance of creating a budget, saving money, and making informed financial decisions. It was an eye-opening experience for many, as they realised the significance of financial planning in their lives.

After a well-deserved lunch break, pupils dedicated their time to working on the first paragraph of their personal statements. This task allowed them to reflect on their achievements, aspirations, and the unique qualities that make them stand out.

To end the day, Year 12 engaged in a thrilling game of dodgeball in the sports hall. Led by Mr. Khan, the game brought out their competitive spirit and fostered a sense of camaraderie among the group. Laughter filled the air as they dodged, ducked, and dived.

IMG_1721Tuesday began with a MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses) session, offering Year 12 pupils an exciting opportunity to enhance their knowledge and skills in various subjects.

Following the MOOCs session, Year 12 pupils attended a career talk hosted by the University of the Creative Arts. This talk provided valuable insights into the numerous career paths available in the creative arts industry, such as graphic design, fashion, photography, and more. Industry professionals shared their personal experiences, offered advice on how to succeed in the field, and highlighted the exciting opportunities that await aspiring creatives. After the career talk, pupils dedicated their time to finish crafting the first, and begin the second paragraphs of their personal statements.

Following a lunch break, the pupils eagerly participated in a lively Zumba session, led by Mrs. Smart. The pulsating music, vibrant dance moves, and infectious energy filled the sports hall, creating a lively and enjoyable atmosphere. The Zumba session not only provided a fun way to end a long day but also promoted physical fitness and well-being among the pupils.


Wednesday saw Year 12’s visit Thorpe Park; a well-deserved break and a chance to let off some steam after two intensive days considering their futures.

QcS50TEV_400x400Year 12 have been tasked to make the most of this summer in terms of work experience, polishing off their personal statements, and deciding upon their 5 choices for UCAS via open days and research (and for some, exploring the world of Apprenticeships and Employment). We wish them a restful and yet productive summer – possibly the most important summer of their lives so far.