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Celebrating Bethany geographers coastline and volcanic work

Our weekly blog has been written by Miss Shaw, Head of Geography, who showcases the amazing coastline models created by our Year 8 pupils and volcanic creations by Year 10 pupils.

Year 8 have been studying the Coasts topic since Easter and learning about the processes and landforms that shape our coastline. They were challenged to create a model to show the formation of caves, arches, stacks and stumps. These landforms are created by erosional marine processes and pupils had lots of fun being creative with how they could show this.

Penny sculpted the landforms out of a sponge cake and then decorated with icing to create the cliff top and sea.

Penny Year 8

Cecily used fondant to shape her headland and landforms. Her use of coloured icings and the blue tray gave a realistic representation of these landforms on a chalk cliff.

Cecily Year 8

Oliver used Minecraft to create each of the landforms, which he then screenshot and labelled. Here is the arch he made.

Oliver Year 8

Jago also used Minecraft to create his coastal landforms, but chose to record a short video to show the sequence of landforms. Here is a screenshot of his headland.

Jago Year 8

Year 10 have also been using models to help them revise the key characteristics of volcanos. They have being studying the Hazardous Environments topic since Easter and have been exploring the hazards created by volcanic eruptions and their impact on people. Pupils approached this prep task in a range of ways, and enjoyed have a creative task rather than exam questions!

Justin created his volcano using junk modelling which he found in the boarding house.

Justin Year 10

Emily made a spectacular cake using chocolate and icing.

Tom used Minecraft to create his volcano, labelling its key features.

Tom Year 10

Miss Shaw
Head of Geography