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January 19, 2024

Headmaster’s Welcome

Dear Parents and Guardians,


This has been a cold week on the temperature front, but at least the snow has stayed away which has allowed Bethany to operate as normal.

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Our Year 13 pupils seemed to have coped very well with their various examinations. I hope they get the results that their diligent efforts deserve.


The Winter Concert on Wednesday evening was a most enjoyable affair. The standard of the performers was very high indeed and the Year 11 musicians did an excellent job in organising all aspects of the event.


I attended a most informative Pengelly Society meeting last night on the topic of Black Lives Matter. The talk was given by a former pupil, Angelina Johnson, who gave an impassioned and greatly appreciated presentation.


I would like to remind you that on Saturday 3rd February, we have our first Open Morning of the spring term. This is a compulsory day of School, buses run one hour later than normal and there is no return bus service. Open Morning should finish around 12.30pm and pupils can be collected from then on.


The Year 13 Parent Teacher Meeting is next Friday 26th January, and I look forward to meeting Year 11 parents tonight at the Year 11 Parent Teacher Meeting which takes place in the Assembly Hall starting at 5.15pm.


Next Thursday night is Burns Night, and to those of you who are either Scottish or Scottish descent, I wish you a Happy Burns Night.


I thought I should leave you with this joke.


An English person said to a Scot, “Take away your mountains, glens and lochs and what have you got left?” – “England!” replied the Scot.


Yours sincerely,


Francie Healy


Latest Bethany Blog

The latest Bethany Blog of the Spring Term has been written by Mr Thomas, Head of Science. He writes about stretching the boundaries of conventional science education and kindling the flames of independent exploration.

Bethany’s Scientific Adventure: An Odyssey of Curiosity and Discovery

Unlocking the mysteries of science is not just confined to textbooks and lectures; it’s an adventurous journey that unfolds in the vibrant laboratories of Bethany. Picture this: pupils clad in laboratory coats, armed with newfound scientific ideas, are not just learning – they are diving headfirst into the exhilarating world of experimentation.



At Bethany, we believe in stretching the boundaries of conventional science education. It’s not about memorising facts; it’s about plunging into the depths of scientific concepts, creating critical thinking skills, and kindling the flames of independent exploration. Imagine a Biology class where pupils, armed with pipette fillers, embark on the journey to decipher the concentration of sugar in a potato through the process of serial dilution. It’s not just a mundane experiment; it’s a showcase of mathematical prowess, a skill crucial for the future.



Meet Ollie, a Year 10 pupil, who attests to the dynamic and tailored approach of our science teachers. For Ollie, every lesson is a challenge, with extension work, practical tasks, and the opportunity to assist fellow pupils, creating an environment where curiosity thrives.



At Bethany, the Science Department doesn’t just impart knowledge; it guides pupils in deconstructing and reconstructing scientific ideas, allowing them to witness a truer and novel picture emerge. Recently, our Physics pupils in Year 10 and 12 undertook open-ended projects – a canvas for research, experimentation, and critical analysis. The projects weren’t mere assignments; they were voyages into uncharted territories of scientific exploration, with pupils passionately choosing topics that fuelled their curiosity.



But it doesn’t stop there. Our science teachers are architects of curiosity, designing lessons that pose tantalising questions, inspiring pupils to investigate and discover solutions. Picture Year 9 pupils passionately debating energy resources for electricity generation, drawing on case studies and real-world scenarios to hone their scientific reasoning.



Technology isn’t left behind in this scientific odyssey. Archie, in Year 12, seamlessly integrated python programming to draw line graphs, transforming dry data into dynamic visuals. The integration of technology, simulations, and virtual labs adds an extra layer of excitement to the learning experience.



And then we draw inspiration from real-world feats like Felix Baumgartner’s iconic freefall from the edge of space. Behind his daring leap lies a tapestry of laboratory experiments involving steel ball bearings and washing liquid, illustrating the vital role of simple yet profound scientific endeavours in achieving extraordinary goals.



Felix Baumgartner’s journey was a testament to dedication and resilience – qualities mirrored in our Bethany science pupils. It’s not just about learning facts; it’s about embodying courage, perseverance, and a relentless pursuit of pushing the limits of human understanding.


In the halls of Bethany’s Science Department, we are not just imparting knowledge; we are sculpting a realm where science is not a subject but an adventure. An adventure that challenges, stretches, and instils a love for learning, creating a generation of thinkers who don’t just observe the world but actively shape it with a deeper understanding of scientific principles.


Mr Thomas

Head of Science

Latest Sports News

Football Header

A few fixtures succumbed to the weather this week, however our 1st XI football squad travelled to Maidstone United’s Gallagher Stadium for a warm-up game and we also hosted a busy swimming gala against Sutton Valence.

Football | Bethany 1st XI vs Maidstone United U18’s (away)

A very hard first game for the Bethany 1st XI, who travelled to Maidstone United for a midweek friendly.


James Candeloro set the standard with a very strong tackle early on, his teammates then replicated that willingness to win for the entire game. The first goal of the game came from a great passing move from the Maidstone central midfield players, which was finished off with a delicate curling chip over the Bethany central defenders landing in the penalty area for the Maidstone striker to score.


This did not deter Bethany who continued to search for a deserved leveller. After a great jinking run from James Candeloro, ghosting past three Maidstone players, he was subsequently fouled 30 yards from the Maidstone goal. Archie Cashman stepped up but his initial shot was lacking, he then collected the ball from a wider angle and delivered a superb cross into the Maidstone six yard box which was met by James Candeloro who headed the ball past the out stretched Maidstone goalkeeper to make it 1-1.


Both sides were now very confident and working hard to score the games third goal. Bethany were playing the better football of the two teams and thoroughly deserved to score the third goal. It came from a very good passing pattern down our right flank, ending in a good cross and deft finish from Femi Folarin to make it 2-1 to Bethany. The remainder of the first half was very much the same with both sides attempting to score at both ends. Maidstone got their equaliser with a similar move as their opening goal, scoring just before the end of the first half.


Both sides made changes in the second half, which created a more open free flowing game. Considering the Maidstone players have been training and playing games as a squad since September, we pushed them to the very end. Maidstone’s superior fitness shone through in the end as they grabbed two second half goals to make the final score Maidstone 4 – 2 Bethany.


Final score: Bethany 2-4 Maidstone United U18







Swimming | Bethany Junior and Inter v Sutton Valence

The Inter and Junior swimming teams hosted Sutton Valence School on Thursday afternoon. With a magnificent twenty five swimmers competing for Bethany across the Junior and Inter age groups, the squad continues to go from strength to strength. Several excellent performances against a strong Sutton Valence team, and in many races against older swimmers, were a credit to the developments and commitment of all the Bethany swimmers.



The most notable performances came from Grace Holmes in the breaststroke race, and Beatrice Kay and Lauren Baxter in a range of races. Several other swimmers performed excellent technical swims and just missed out on wins, including Jago Veale, Harry Sweeting and Hazeley Kalish.


Although not a victory for the swim team overall, the gala provided excellent preparation for the next meet of the term at Sevenoaks School on Monday 5th February, when the gala will include Sevenoaks, St Olaves and Tunbridge Wells Girls Grammar School.