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Wakelet Student Ambassadors’ Programme Update

Two groups of Year 9 pupils embarked earlier this year on the Wakelet Student Ambassador programme.

Wakelet is a free website where anyone over the age of 13 can create multiple collections, on any topic. Any content can be bookmarked within a collection and can be shared for collaboration.

The programme consists of six tasks, Curation, Critical Thinking, Creativity, Collaboration, Communication and Citizenship. The programme is designed to help pupils gain valuable Digital Citizenship skills to enhance their future prospects, whilst becoming pupil leaders.
The third task, Creativity, requires them to design a flag to represent the Student Ambassadors’ Programme and record a Flipgrid video explaining their design. Pupils have worked hard on creating this, following the brief below. I’ve really enjoyed seeing the diverse flags they have created and listening to their explanations of how they came up with their designs.
They are all now working on Task 5, where they have to choose a current affairs topic, create a presentation of at least 6 slides, cite five sources and include multimedia, before presenting it to the class.

After that, their final challenge will be to create a digital portfolio on Wakelet. They will add collections, showcasing their best school moments, achievements, experience and hobbies. As part of this valuable exercise, they will research examples of digital portfolios, thinking about what type of information to include and looking at the difference between LinkedIn and a basic résumé. They will then receive their Student Ambassador Award which is a valuable addition to a curriculum vitae and they should be extremely proud of their achievements!