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FOBS 150 Club Announcement

​​​​​​​Dear 150 Club Members, Parents, Guardians, Teachers and Students,

We at FOBS wish to extend our best wishes to you all during this particularly difficult time and hope that you are all staying safe and well.

We are reaching out to you at this time to confirm the situation surrounding our next 150 Club draw which would normally take place during the morning fair on Speech Day. Due to the current situation, and after some discussion, we are unable to facilitate this particular draw this year. The draw has to be done at an event with an audience. We therefore propose to make the 150 Club draw at the next appropriate event that FOBS is able to host in front of an audience, hopefully sooner rather than later.

If we find that the current situation extends further than FOBS feels is suitable with regards to the draw, we will discuss further and try to come up with a solution that enables there to be a draw that takes place within the necessary regulations and is transparent and open. As an organisation that supports Bethany School to the extent that we do, we are finding the current situation as frustrating as all of you. We are all missing the social side of supporting the school, seeing you all at the various events and most importantly raising the much-needed funds to provide the students with the little extras that make a big difference to their experiences at Bethany.

You can still support FOBS and raise funds during lockdown by becoming a member of the 150 Club. It really is as simple as completing a membership form, emailing a copy over to us (email address on the form) and setting up a direct debit with your bank to come out in the month of January each year. You will then be part of the draws that will take place next year. Half the membership fee is put towards the two annual draws and half goes to FOBS to be allocated according to the student and school requests.

As an organisation we have funded equipment for the new school library and we are currently looking to provide equipment for the day rooms for each year group as well as raise funds for the new drama suite and provide new sports lockers around the school just to mention a few of the small and large projects that we support.

Please do get involved in this great draw. It is the perfect way for you to continue to support FOBS and support the school during lockdown. Remember – you have to be in it to win it!!

Stay safe and take care,

FOBS Committee