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The World Outside

Year 10 EAL students have been practising their language and skills associated with the topic of the environment.

​​​​​​​This topic seems particularly appropriate at this moment in time, when so many of us are in lockdown with our families. While there are so many sad stories, some of the news and clips shared internationally show an incredibly swift ongoing rejuvenation of our planet. Some of the resources we have used in our lessons have included:

After exploring this topic, we thought, as a group, what we currently did as individuals to help the environment and using this website, selected five new ways we were going to try. Our answers included:

Turning off the light when there is daylight outside, or every time we leave a room, from Heidi, currently in the UK.

Carefully recycling as much waste as we can, from Wilson in Hong Kong.

Shutting down and closing our laptops and other devices when we are not using them, from Alejandra in Spain.

Mrs Rendall-Jones is introducing meat-free Mondays to her family in the UK.

These actions are quite small and reasonably easy to accomplish, but we felt that, with a world population of over 1.5 billion people, if everyone made five small changes to their lives, our environment would continue to flourish.


Have a look at the ’50 Ways to Help’ website. What do you currently do? What five new ways could you choose to help our environment?