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KRS Remote Challenges

With the School now switching to online teaching and learning, the Competitive House competitions have also become remote ones but they are still being fiercely contested. There will now be a weekly competition that will involve pupils and staff having to complete tasks in a creative and unique way.

Over the past week the pupils and teachers of the different houses have been asked to film a short video clip of themselves unveiling the most surprising item.

Every entry earned the individual a point for their respective house and the overall winner a bonus 20 points. There was a wide range of items that were revealed.

Entries varied, with lots of pets, unusual objects from around peoples homes, lambs that had been born that morning, toys and even a gherkin!

The winner from Kiplings was Matthew Jones’ lambs, from Speakers Will Edmeades Stearns’ cat in his washing machine and the overall winner was Roberts and Ben Lawrence’s gherkin!

Next weeks challenge is to tell the best joke.

Kiplings winning video from Matthew Jones:

Speakers winning video from Will Edmeades Stearns:

The overall winning house was Roberts with this video from Ben Lawrence: