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The Apprentice Challenge

This week The Apprentice Challenge finalists had to give a five minute sales pitch on what they think Bethany’s NEXT development should be.

In recent years the School has built a swimming pool, a fitness centre, enlarged the PE facilities, built a Sixth Form centre, created common rooms for Years 7-11, renovated the library and knocked down buildings in the centre of the school.

One team decided that the main teaching block was in need of redevelopment and presented us with a professional and fully costed presentation. The other team decided to target improving our recycling within the school and delivered a presentation on how this could best be achieved.

Both presentations were given in front of the whole Sixth Form and were professional in nature and were delivered to a member of the Bursar’s Department and two members of staff, who quizzed them very closely on what they had said.

On Thursday this week, the firing took place and Mr Manktelow got a good debate going between the candidates as they had to fight for a place in the final six.

On Wednesday of next week the remaining candidates will be interviewed and will have to give their reasons why they should win the £100 prize money.