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A level Results 2020: Bethany remains a calming ship in turbulent waters

Bethany has remained an oasis of calm during the Covid-19 pandemic.  It carried on with face to face teaching remotely from the very start of the lockdown which was hugely appreciated by the pupils and parents.  This, in turn, meant that our A level pupils remained fully focused on their studies.  The teachers worked exceptionally hard ensuring that the pupils’ abilities were fairly reflected in the grades submitted on their behalf.

The upward trend of pupils overachieving has been maintained.  In 2018 Bethany was judged to be in the top 2% of schools nationally in terms of A level progress and this was further increased to the top 0.5% last year, in fact Bethany was judged to be the 23rd best school in the country.  This year, the proportion of pupils gaining A* grades was at a record high thus continuing this upward trajectory.

This focused approach not only prepares pupils for success at A level but enables them to become effective lifelong learners in an ever-changing world, no matter what the future holds for them and is also why our pupils adjusted so well to remote learning.

Some of our top performing pupils this year reflect the range of subjects and individual attention we give to all our pupils.

Head of School, Jeremy Daubeny from Tunbridge Wells obtained A*, A*, A* and will read Politics, Philosophy and Economics at Exeter.

Other exceptional performers include Eleanor Hardwick from West Malling who achieved A*, A*, A and will study Interior Architecture and Design in Bournemouth whilst Estrella Guo from London, who achieved the same grades, will study Costume for the Theatre and Screen at the University of the Arts in London.

Jack Bartram from Goudhurst (A*, A*, B) will study Business in Oxford.

In addition, high achievers Jack Brown from Canterbury, Will Craggs from Tenterden and Maia Saad from Fordcombe will study Business Management in University College London, Economics at Loughborough University and Contemporary History at Leicester respectively.

Francie Healy, Headmaster, says: “I am delighted with the resilience and fortitude maintained by the pupils who were deftly supported by our excellent teaching staff. This has resulted in record levels of high A level grades which is all the more commendable when one considers our broad ability range of which we are justifiably proud.  Almost all pupils got to their preferred choice of university which in the current climate is a magnificent achievement. I wish them all the very best of luck for the future.”

Quotes from parents, guardians and pupils:

“Thank you so much to Bethany for helping me achieve my grades and get in to my first-choice university.” Alexia Pickett

“Thank you to all at Bethany School for helping my daughter grow into a confident and caring young lady, ready to face university, and the rest of her life!” Mrs Pickett

“Bethany has been the most incredible place to grow and learn for both me and Jeremy. We are so delighted with Jeremy’s grades and it has been an amazing end to the past 10 years.” Jess Daubeny

“Purely thinking as I write, Bethany could not have done more for me both pastorally and academically. Thank you for an incredible seven years. I couldn’t have asked for more.” Jeremy Daubeny

“These past seven years have flown by and I have enjoyed every moment. I will truly miss everyone and everything about Bethany. Thank you to everyone who made it all possible.” Jack Bartram

“It seems the end of an era – sad to see it come to an end. A huge thank you to all the staff. Bethany has been great.” Mrs Smith

“In the past seven years Jack has gone from strength to strength. The Bethany community has given him the confidence to push forward into his next chapter. Thank you for making his time here so enjoyable.” Mrs Brown

“Really good five years. Many happy times and good memories!” Felix Hearn

“Thank you so much for helping Felix to transition into the wonderful man he is today. Bethany was the perfect School for him. Thank you.” Antonia Hearn

“I am very happy with my grades and am so glad I came to Bethany!” Joe Rourke

“I have loved Joe’s Bethany journey and feel sad it has come to an end, but so grateful for the happy education he has received, and years spent at Bethany, a wonderful School.” Mrs Rourke

“I am so pleased with my results and appreciative of the School helping me to get to the position I am today. It’s been the best seven years at Bethany and I will miss the friendly environment and support here.” Anthony Knight

“I don’t think I would have achieved my full potential without the staff and support at Bethany.” Johnny Davies

“A very big thank you to all staff who have helped, supported and guided both our boys over the years. Bethany will always be important to us all.” Mr & Mrs Craggs

“Thank you for all the support over the past seven years at Bethany, especially in the sixth form which I really enjoyed.” Harrison Riddiford

“I’ve had such a good time at Bethany and came out with good grades so that’s a bonus! Thank you!” Maia Saad

“Thank you Bethany for your excellent teaching and support over the years Maia has been here. Both the teaching staff and the pastoral care have been second to none.” Mrs Saad


Please note: all images included in this article were taken whilst respecting social distancing measures.