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Year 8 pupils inspired by Bezerkaz Circus visit

The challenge given to Year 8 DLS pupils at the beginning of this term has been to create an informative leaflet that details the step-by-step process of mastering a specific skill.

From paper folding to golf trick shots, makeup tricks to circus skills, the possibilities are endless. And who better to inspire pupils creativity than the talented, Bezerkaz Circus?

Laura, a professional hula hooper and fire performer from Bezerkaz Circus, arrived at Bethany with her van filled to the brim with circus paraphernalia. As excited pupils gathered around she began to demonstrate each skill with finesse and flair. With her enthusiasm and patient teaching style, Laura guided pupils into being able to perform some quite advanced skills.

1-Sep-14-2023-10-41-23-6678-AMUnder Laura’s skillful guidance, pupils were able to grasp even some of the most complex techniques. They delved into the art of juggling, diabolo, balancing objects, plate spinning, poi twirling, flower sticks, hula hooping (not just on the hips) as well as learning to balance – with pedalgos! Pupils then chose their favourite technique, perfected their act and then presented in front of their peers.

The visit ended with an amazing bubble show and the excited Year 8 crowd were then encouraged to try and pop them all!

2-Sep-14-2023-10-41-57-7261-AMWe look forward to seeing the completed leaflets soon!

Mrs Harper
Head of DLS