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Year 8 Pupils Create Spectacular Leaflets

Last half term, the year 8 DLS students were challenged to make informative and attractive leaflets with the aim of teaching someone else to be able to perform a skill.

There were a wide array of different skills being taught from performing a rainbow flick in football to instructions on how to play Warhammer. There were so many great entries that it was impossible to pick just one first place winner, so three students share the top spot and receive level 4 merits for their work!  Ruby Peters produced an excellent step by step instruction guide to making chocolate cup cakes with chocolate icing.  This was attractively presented and included some interesting facts about cupcakes. Chris Handslip-Ward submitted a leaflet teaching some football skills including the Cruyff turn which was easy to follow and had some great explanations for how to complete the skill. Lastly, Cecily Chettiar produced a well organised and well written leaflet teaching the skill of dribbling in hockey with an interesting introduction and conclusion.pic chesh

In runner-up position was Lily Williams with her work on jumping on a bareback horse. This was interesting to read and had some good safety information for readers to take on board and Lily receives a level 3 merit. Highly commended goes to Tilly Hirsch who created a pamphlet about making bubble tea which was colourful and fun and she thoroughly deserves her level 2 merit.  

Well done to all our winners!