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Year 8 DLS projects

In the first half of the Spring Term, year 8 pupils in DLS worked on a project to design and produce an infographic about a world record of their choice.

Pupils had to include a graph of some sort and to think about the presentation of their work.  There were some amazing entries ranging from the world’s tallest buildings to the most tattooed person!  The group then took part in a peer marking activity so they could appreciate the work done by the rest of the group.

For the peer group marking, the winning piece of work was judged to be that of Ethan R whose infographic informed us about the most expensive paintings.  Pupils liked Ethan’s use of pictures to give information.

The teachers’ winner was Amelia B, whose work on free-diving was well presented, creative and contained a good mixture of pictures and text.  Close runner up was Alex D who had clearly worked hard to product an attractive and informative piece of work about the most downloaded video games.

Highly commended were Lucien F for his great graph on tall buildings, Ben J for his well researched work about roller coasters, and Chris H who taught us a lot about billionaires!

Well done to everyone for producing some great work.