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Year 8 DLS Disaster Project

Last half term, the year 8 DLS groups worked hard to produce a project about a natural or man-made disaster.  They had to research their project and then organise the facts they had found into a mind map.

The best mind maps used colour and pictures as well as words to make a detailed representation of their disaster. Newspaper articles from the day after the disaster were written using the mind maps as a plan, as well as pupils’ imaginations. Those who finished in time also made artefacts that could have been found at the site of the disaster.

First place is awarded to Tilly H for her work on the 2004 Boxing Day Tsunami. She produced an excellent mind map and a newspaper article containing thoughtfully chosen descriptive words.  Second place goes to Amelia B for her work on The Titanic which included excellent, well organised research, a detailed mind map and a newspaper article containing anecdotes from those on board. Louie C, Lily W and Cecily C are highly commended for their work.